Returned Peace Corps
Volunteers of South Florida

Alyssa Edwards, RPCV

Need a reason to join RPCVSF? In the words of one of our members:

"I think about the impact RPCVSF has had on my life here in Florida and becoming a 3 year member is the least I can do. Through the organization I was able to connect with Doris and others who made my move (all the way from the other side of the country)

much easier, without ever asking or accepting anything in return! Also I was able to experience the Everglades and learn about some of the other organizations working in South Florida through RPCVSF. A quick side note, yesterday I became a donating member of Chapman Partnership, which I only learned about from the outing.

So my being a dues paying member of RPCVSF is really a very itsy bitsysmall way of saying thanks and to show my gratitude that the group exists.  I often think that one of the best aspects of Peace Corps service is the wonderful friendships made between volunteers.  Now I can see, through the great work of RPCVSF and the phenomenal people behind it, how the same still occurs even when we have all "returned.""  Alyssa Edwards  (visit her profile in our Member Directory to learn more about her Peace Corps service)  

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