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 Contact  Name  E-Mail Address
 Newsletter Submissions  Newsletter Team  newsletter at
 Information and Inquiries  Executive Committee  rpcvsf at
 Executive Committee    
 President  Jennifer Wos president at
 Vice President  David Garcia  rpcvsf at
 Treasurer  Doris Vincent  treasurer at
 Controller Marvin Hancock treasurer at
 Secretary  Mary Lamberts rpcvsf at
 Board of Directors
 Director and President Jen Wos president at
 Director, Secretary and
    Chair - Membership Committee
 Mary Lamberts Membership at
 Director and Vice President David Garcia rpcvsfboard at
 Director  Matt Lord  rpcvsfboard at
 Director & Chair - Bon Voyage  Patty Phares  rpcvsfboard at
 Director Jan Marzo rpcvsfboard at
 Director Deborah Paris rpcvsfboard at
 Director & Chair - Everglade Outing Genevieve Bazer rpcvsfboard at
 Director and Treasurer Doris Vincent rpcvsfboard at
 Director - Chair - Fair Trade Market Linda Whitmyre rpcvsfboard at
 Director and Controller & Webmaster Marvin Hancock rpcvsfboard at
 Director, Founder, Chair Governance
  Committee, Retired General
  Counsel, and Travel Leader.
 Greg Zell rpcvsfboard at
 Other Contacts  
 Fair Trade Market Linda Whitmyre ftm at
 Everglades Annual Outing Genevieve Bazar everglades outing at
 Webmaster Marvin Hancock webmaster at
 Spirit of Service Learning Josh Young jyoung at
 Spirit of Service Learning Linda Whitmyre FTM at
 Partnership Dinners & AGM Lunch Doris Vincent dorisvincent at bell
 Bon Voyage Annual Picnic Patty Phares pharespl at
 Advocacy  Advocacy at
 Member Liaison for:    
 Broward County  Marilyn Page  rpcvsf at
 Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie  Ctys  Marilyn Page  rpcvsf at
 Southwest Florida  Marvin Hancock  webmaster at
 The Florida Keys  Sharon Alvarado  sha801 at
 Central America  Doris Vincent  dorisvincent at
 Latin America  Doris Vincent  dorisvincent at
 Peace Corps Requiters in Florida  
 SW Florida Adam Housh
 Jacksonville Christopher Lins
 Other Florida RPCV Groups:    
 Central Florida RPCVs  Orlando  Jessica Lampron  jessicalampron at
 First Coast RPCVs  Jacksonville  David Miron - Communications  damiron at
 First Coast RPCVs  Jacksonville  Jan Miller - President  Janice.h.miller at
 Gainesville RPCVs  Lauren Strange  rpcvgainesville  at
 Gulf Coast RPCVs SarasotaBradenton  Betty Bruquetas - President  bruquetas at
 North Florida RPCVs  Tallahassee  Deborah Burr  rpcvdeb at

 North Florida RPCVs

 Tampa RPCVs  Rebecca Wellborn tamparpcvs at
 NPCA GLF Coordinator  Anne Baker NPCAGLF at
 NPCA Board Member Southern Tier Tom Potter tphome at

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