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The first time you access the Home page, please Login with your E-Mail Address and a Password that you select. This will confirm that no one can see your password in this system. If you do not remember your Password at your next Login, we will replace the password. Just follow the instructions on Forgot Password.

Once you have logged in, please open thetab called View Profile and review the information in your Profile. Please make corrections and additions to your profile as needed. When you finish with your Profile, please open the Privacy tab located at near the top of the screen on the right side.


We display limited member information is in the Member Directory in the Members Only Section. The Members Directory displays Last Name, First Name, e-mail address, City, Occupation, Country of PC Service, and Years of Service. 


You may Opt-out allowing your information to be displayed in the Member Directory by changing your Privacy settings under the Privacy Tab, or simply e-mail the that you opt-out from having all or part of your information displayed in the Member Directory.

Please remember to SAVE after each operation.

MEMBERS BLOG in the Members Only Section

The Blog is available for Members Only to Post Information that can be read by all the Members who have logged into the system. We suggest that Events being promoted by Members be Posted in the members Blog and any other information you wish to make available to other RPCVSF members can be Posted in the Members Blog. Members are free to post whatever they like and it is understood that such postings are the opinions of the individual members, not RPCVSF or any other of it's members. RPCVSF reserves the right to delete any Postings.


If you have questions, please send an e-mail to:

or to Webmaster at:

Writing on the Website

Most of our work in written on the website in Tahoma, 12 pt.or in articles such as this, 10 pt. It is agreed among those who have rights to add original work or edit works that  under no circumstances will they edit the work of another author without permission of the original author. It is expressly forbidden to change any settings  or form letters on the website without permission from the Webmaster as uncoordinated changes may have unpredictable consequences elsewhere in the website.

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