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Our History

The Market began early in the millennium, selling items provided by our members at various RPCVSF events. It evolved and today primarily carries items purchased from Fair Trade organizations. In addition to in-house events, we also have a booth at local farmers’ markets. The Fair Trade Market supports the third goal of the Peace Corps–promoting a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

100% of our profits (close to $17,000 as of Dec, 2013) is donated to programs benefitting underserved populations. Over the years we have contributed to WINGS, a women’s health initiative in Guatemala; The Colombia Project, a micro-loan program; Redlands Christian Migrant Association’s Reading is Fundamental program; and HELP (Haitian Education and Leadership Program) which identifies and fosters promising Haitian students into university and mentors them in a variety of ways once enrolled.

  • The Market is truly WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • It supports Fair Trade organizations through inventory purchases.
  • It donates all profits.
  • It provides the customer with a unique, quality item.

Faces of Fair Trade

Mamas’ motto is “Love your product. Know your producer. Change her life.” Meet “Mama” Grace Koufie! Her partnership with GlobalMamas has provided the income to pay off debt and begin saving. She now has the funds for school fees, medical expenses and to assist family members in need.

Due to the difficult nature of weaving Zulu Wire Baskets, the weavers are usually men. This work allows them to stay at home ontheir tribal lands instead of moving to the cities to find work, thus preserving the family unit and their traditional lifestyle.

Meet Angela Monteiro, an Escama Artist. The co-operatives Escama works with offer

“women and men in the community a means to earn a living wage through handicrafts and provide a setting where friends are made and self-esteem is regained.”


Aid Through Trade's

Roll-On Bracelet

Fair Trade Principles
  • Pay fair wages in the local context
  • Support participatory workplaces
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Supply financial and technical
  • Education and support
  • Respect cultural identity
  • Educate consumers
  • Offer public accountability
Often the workers are members of cooperatives which take part of the proceeds and pour it back into the community in the form of a health clinic, library–something that benefits everyone!


How you can help!

1). Shop!

2) Let us know of Fair Trade groups producing good quality items you come across in your travels

3) Provide/suggest a venue for sales...after service at your church, at the conclusion of a meeting, host a Fair Trade Party

Linda Whitmyre, RPCV Malaysia


Our Vendors

Aid Through Trade: beaded jewelry from Nepal; Aid Through Trade was founded by Damian Jones,
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV)

Baskets of Africa: a variety of baskets from various African countries. The Fair Trade Market carries the Zulu Wire Baskets from South Africa and Bolga baskets from Ghana.*

 Equal Exchange: coffee, chocolate, tea from suppliers throughout the world. Many RPCVs are on the staff at Equal Exchange.*

 Escama Studio: trendy “flip-top” bags and jewelry from Brazil.*

 Global Mamas: batiked items, bags made from recycled drink containers, jewelry from recycled glass ... made in Ghana. Global Mamas was founded by Kristin Johnson and Renae Adam, RPCVs Ghana.*

MayaWorks: textile and jewelry items from Guatemala* 

Women of the Cloud Forest: seed jewelry from Costa Rica, ceramic pendants from Nicaragua.*

 * has online retail store

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