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It is the policy of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida, Inc. (RPCVSF) that limited information be displayed in the Members Directory available only to Members. This information includes Last Name, First Name, E-mail Address, City of Residence, Occupation and Country Service 1, 2, & 3, Dates Country 1, 2, & 3.

Members who prefer that their information not appear in the Members Directory may change the settings under their Privacy Tab to "No Access" or send an e-mail to Individual Privacy settings are accessible to members within the "Privacy" tab in the member's profile (from the Home Page, select "View Profile").  Members who do not wish to display their e-mail address but opt to display their name and/or country(s), should not change the Privacy setting for e-mail address and leave the e-mail address field marked "No Access." Please remember to SAVE when you finish editing your profile settings.

State Sales Taxes

RPCVSF collects applicable Florida State Sales taxes on the sales of goods such as calendars and item to promote Fair Trade. RPCVSF holds a valid Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax.

The State of Florida upon the issuance of a Consumer's Certificate of Exemption to RPCVSF exempted RPCVSF from the payment of Florida sales and use tax on purchases to be used solely for RPCVSF's customary nonprofit activities.

Website Management

This website is operated under the responsibility of the Board of Directors of RPCVSF.  Views expressed in this website are not necessarily the views of RPCVSF. Members posting information in the Forum and/or at the Members Blog post such information under their own responsibility.

Similarly, persons posting photos on the website do so at their own risk, and RPCVSF expressly disclaims any responsibility for such photos. RPCVSF and its Board of Directors, acting through its Executive Committee, reserve the right to remove any posting deemed to be inappropriate.

 This website is governed by the principles adopted by RPCVSF, as stated in its governing Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Administrative Guidelines, and Standard Operating Guidelines.

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