Returned Peace Corps
Volunteers of South Florida

Networking addresses the third element of our Mission Statement, which is:

c) provide support service and networking for RPCVs living in South Florida.

RPCVSF accomplishes its mission through volunteer events, social functions, education, advocacy and networking.

RPCVSF also endeavors to:

a) strengthen awareness of the Peace Corps and its programs;

b) recruit new Peace Corps Volunteers; and

c) when appropriate, encourage advocacy for the Peace Corps.

On the following pages, you can read about our clubs and social events.


Is Your Passport Ready to Go?

As the pandemic resolves itself, you may feel the need for (and deserve) an international travel break. Certainly, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida, Inc., will be traveling in coming months. We have several birthdays to celebrate. If you are itching to go, use the interregnum to see if your passport is ready to go.

If your passport expires in 2021 or the first half of 2022, renew it soon. Some countries, particularly in Africa and Asia, will not allow entry if your projected date of exit falls in the last six months before your passport’s expiration date. This may seem a bit insane but you will not be able to talk yourself around this at Passport Control no matter that your passport is still valid.

In the rear of your passport, you will find pages labeled “VISAS”.  Some countries insist on 3 of these blank pages when you enter the country. If you enter the country twice on the same trip, 6 pages are needed. It helps that “In transit” does not count as an entry. Further back in your passport are several unlabeled blank pages. THESE PAGES DO NOT COUNT. Again, you will not talk yourself out of this conundrum at Passport Control.

Renewing your passport is fairly easy. Download the application at US Passport Agency. Passport photos are available at most Walgreen’s and CVS drug stores. Every post office accepts renewal applications in an envelope along with the photos, your old passport, and check for the amount set out on the website. While you are at it, why not mark the box and pay for extra “VISA” pages?

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