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Irene Brammertz - I published a book called "Wendell N. Rollason: A Life of Purpose," it was my contribution on the 40th Anniversary of the founding of RCMA, in 2005. It is a children's book describing Wendell Rollason's life. This was a collaboration with other staff but the book was my idea.

At the end of the children's section is the adult version. RCMA distributed this book to their board members and made sure each of the class rooms has a copy for the children, teachers and parents to know how RCMA came to be. Later Tom Moonan (one of the co-authors) uploaded the book to The text is written in English with the Spanish version on the opposite page. Foreword by the Hon. Bob Graham, former U.S. Senator and Governor of Florida.

Proceeds from the sale of this ebook benefit the programs at RCMA. The book is available on under the following link: Wendell N Rollason

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