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28 Apr 2019 2:00 PM • A.D. "Doug" Barnes Park, 3401 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33155 - Shelter # 3


Linda Whitmyre, RPCVSF Director for the Fair Trade Market, reported:

  • At the Fairchild Ramble, Far Trade Market profits totaled $911, to be Granted to HELP
  • Our Give Miami Day donations including a $500 donation totaled $1,025. that will be used for Spirit of Service Learning Awards and Expenses.

I'm pleased with both, Linda

H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G !!!!!


RPCVSF is a strong supporter of HELP.  Click HELP QR2 WINTER 11_2018R6 FINAL.pdf and HELP Quarterly RPT Nov 18.pdf to read the Winter and Summer 2018 HELP Quarterly reports.  RPCVSF's 2017 donations to HELP generated by our Fair Trade Market sales typically cover Room and Board for 2 students.  With the matching effect of this year’s donation, it’s 4 !!!! 

RPCVSF Int'l Potluck in Weston Saturday, October 27, 2018


OCTOBER 20, 2018  -  94th AeroSquadron Restaurant  -  Miami Int'l Airport

2018 Spirit of Service Awards

Our annual Spirit of Service Learning Award event, held on Saturday, October 6th, at the Miami Springs Lions Club, was well-attended by RPCVs, awardees and friends.  After some mingling and a scrumptious, potluck meal, awards were given to the following people:

Finalists - Aileen Ochoa, Fundamentals of Speech Communication, Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus; Carlos Gonzalez, English Composition, Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus; and Susannah Brown, Art Education in Elementary & Secondary Schools, Florida Atlantic University.

Winners - Dr. Ann Graziotti, Community Health Nursing Practicum & Advanced Concepts Practicum, Miami Dade College - Medical Campus; Dr. Joshua Schriftman, ENG/SOC Publishing, Justice & the Freedom of Speech, University of Miami; and Dr. Pamela Hall, Senior Seminar - Psychology Capstone Course, Barry University.

One additional finalist, Liza Greenberg, College Prep Reading and Writing & English Composition, Miami Dade College - InterAmerican Campus, and one other winner, Dr. Jan Sokol-Katz, Juvenile Delinquency, University of Miami, were unable to attend.

All recipients expressed gratitude to RPCVSF for the award and recognition they received.

Front row - Finalists and Winners - Dr. Ann Graziotti, Susannah Brown, Dr. Joshua Schriftman, Carlos Gonzalez, Aileen Ochoa

Back row - RPCVSF SSL Committee Members - Mary Lamberts (Thailand, 70-72), Dave Garcia (Kenya, 88-90), Linda Whitmyre (Malaysia, 67-69),  Josh Young (Malawi, 84-86 & Paraguay, 88-90), Ana Ciereszko (St. Vincent & the Grenadines, 69-71)

Dr. Pamela Hall

RPCV Josh Young welcomes attendees

Cooking and Conversation Club Haitian food Fort Lauderdale - October 13th

We had 6 attend the Yellow-Green Farmers Market on Sunday, September 30th, where we found RPCV Linda Alvarez selling honey from Florida Keys' bees.

From left: Michelle Kelsey, Barb Junge, Linda Alvarez, Ann Gleeson, Seamus Gleeson, Lenore Sek. Not pictured: Sharon Alvarado.

RPCVSF 2018 Retreat Sept., Key Largo, Florida

Friday - Dinner at the Tower of Pizza, Key Largo

Saturday - September Meeting of the RPCVSF Board of Directors

Message from Moldova

On behalf of myself and the community of Fîrlădeni, Moldova - we would like to thank you for contributing to our “Resources for Girls’ Empowerment and Equality” grant project!

Because of your contribution we were able to fund the grant quicker than expected, and will begin project activities tomorrow, September 12th. The community is beyond excited to start improving the quality of education received by its students, and is ecstatic to begin the project almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule!

We thank you again for your contributions and can assure you they will be used to create positive and lasting change.

 Brendan Williams

English Educator, U.S. Peace Corps Moldova

V o l u n t e e r s N e e d e d

For MANY years, Ana Ciereszko has been our South Florida advocate via NPCA to promote Peace Corps.  This has kept her on the forefront of Peace Corps issues and provided a structure (via NPCA guidance) for advocacy work.

Other things are claiming her attention now and she is relinquishing this volunteer position ... although she is very willing to mentor our next advocate. For more information, please contact Linda Whitmyre at ftm@rpcvsf.org, after clicking here: Advocacy Coordinator.pdf 

Calendars and Notecards

Our annual shipment of Calendars, Perpetual Calendars and Notecards just arrived. To purchase, please contact our market at ftm@rpcvsf.org.

Including Sales Tax and Postage, International Calendars are $14 each, Perpetual Calendars are $11 each and Notecards are $10 for a package of eight.

The RPCV Perpetual Calendar is a reusable calendar that will help you keep track of important events in your life. It is ideal for recording birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events that are celebrated on the same day, year in and year out. There is space to record important moments and milestones, and each month of this spiral-bound calendar features a photograph first seen in one of our past International Calendars.

Dear Members of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida,

You are invited to become a member of Global Ties Miami at a special discount rate based on your existing membership in RPCVSF. For more information, please click: Global Ties

Dear Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida,

My name is John DeLeo Jr, and I am a PCV from Fort Lauderdale, FL, currently serving in the TEFL program in Kyrgyz Republic. I have attached a picture of me wearing my 2017 Everglades Outing t-shirt while volunteering at a kindergarten in Osh City, Kyrgyzstan, during my school break. Thank you..

Peace Corps Partnership Program

August 11, 2018 - Partnership Dinner in Miami at a famous Argentinian restaurant and grill.  For details and to register, just click on Partnership  Dinner in the Calendar at the top of this page.

August 5th, 2018 - Partnership Dinner in Hollywood raised $210 which is 100% matched by RPCVSF for a $420 contribution to the Peace Corps Partnership Program. See the photos of this event in Our Photo Album in the Menu to the left.

These two dinners supported a Girls Greenhouse Initiative in Armenia (led by a PCV from Florida); and a Resources for Girls' Empowerment and Equality in Moldova.

FYI - The Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) connects Volunteers and their communities with the private sector in the U.S. and around the world in order to fund community initiated and led projects.

PCPP is a proven mechanism for supporting small community-based grants.  Over the past ten years, PCPP has funded over 7,200 Volunteer projects in nearly every sector, totaling more than 19.8 million dollars in grant funds. Last year alone, PCPP funded 930 projects in 57 countries, touching the lives of 1.5 million people across the globe.

Over the same 10 year period, RPCVSF sent to PCPP over $16,800 that was contributed by diners and matched by RPCVSF. We have been doing Partnership Dinners  for almost 35 years! Our thanks to all the diners for their contributions and all the wonderful restaurants who have made our contributions possible.

30 Folks Attended Partnership Dinner at an Argentinian Restaurant in Miami - 11AUG18

For more photos of the Event, please see Our Photo Album to the Left

Thanks from Itimbo, Iringa, Tanzania

RPCVSF's Donation through the Peace Corps Partnership Program helped build this school!

For More Photos of the Construction, Please see Our Photo Album to the left.

Click Below to Learn about A Towering Task, a Documentary about Peace Corps

Towering Task

July 28, 2018 - Marlins vs Washington Nationals


We had a turnout of 19. Great game (2-1 Marlins in 10) plus post-game fireworks.

For more photos, please see "Our Photo Album" on the left side of this page

Steve Hunsicker, our long time Peace Corps recruiter RETIRES! WELCOME to Adam Housh, our new PC Regional Recruiter.

July 20, 2018 Emergency happy hour at The Grove Spot, Coconut Grove, Miami

Click to the right for the:  Farewell to Steve Video

(Note: much of this video is without sound)

Steve touched many lives during his years as a Recruiter for the Preace Corps.

We wish him the best in his future endeavors,

the Members of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida

Above Photo includes Adam Housh in the green T, the new Regional PC Recruiter.


Travel Desk Update

The OATtravel last minute trip prices cannot be beat IF you are traveling as a couple and the quality of their packages is fantastic. Exception: the current OAT package for South Africa is NOT the best because they have dropped Lesotho which is well worth a day trip.

Orbitz has been showing a bargain package to Amsterdam in October with an excellent selection of day trips. Share your finds with travel@rpcvsf.org

Follow up our Indonesia Partnership dinner with a trip to Indonesia with the only package that can include Komodo Island, home of the dragons. Check out OATtravel.com AND look into their last minute travel bargains if you are a traveling pair. Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world with a Hindu pocket in Bali, recently became a Peace Corps country. Our restaurant is named for the island that exploded in 1883. For a film interpretation, see: Krakatoa: East of Java. If you check your map, you will find it is west of Java. That’s Hollywood.

Would you be interested in a safari to Tanzania including  Zanzibar in March, 2019? In addition to all those animals in the national parks, there is a walk through the historic Stone Town area of Zanzibar town where all the major explorations of Africa began or ended. The last 3 days of the safari are at an Indian Ocean resort similar to a Club Med: your admission bracelet gets you food and drinks all day and night except call brands. If interested without obligation, contact travel@rpcvsf.org.

Marge and Greg do Bangkok and Indochina

By Greg Zell (Nigeria 62-64)

For the Story, Please Click Here: >>> Marge and Greg do Bangkok and Indochina.docx

Travel @ RPCVSF.org Goes to C e n t r a l A f r i c a

For the Story, Please Click the following: Travel goes to Central Africa.pdf 

Back to the Everglades National Park

On April 8th, 2018, a group of RPCVs and their friends and families visited the Everglades National Park to tour the Nike Hercules Missile site that was activated during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. For more information about tours, just Google "everglades missile base tour."

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd, 2018 19th Annual Everglades Outing

This year 29 RPCVSF members, 11 Kiwanis Club of Biscayne Bay members and six park rangers from the Everglades National Park hosted 78 wonderful kids and 37 accompanying adults from five homeless shelters for a day in the Florida Everglades. The total attendance including guests was 169.

For more photos of the day, please click on "Our Photo Album" on the left side menu.

Everglades National Park is a 1.5-million-acre wetlands preserve on the southern tip of the U.S. state of Florida. Often compared to a grassy, slow-moving river, the Everglades is made up of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods that are home to hundreds of animal species.

 Among the Everglades' abundant wildlife are the endangered leatherback turtle, Florida panther and West Indian manatee. The Everglades is the only place in the world where the American alligator and the American Crocodile coexist.


Redlands Christian Migrant Association


On Friday, December 8th, Mary Lamberts and Doris Vincent of RPCVSF traveled to the offices of the Redlands Christian Migrant Association in Immokalee, to deliver a check (donations collected at our AGM and matched by RPCVSF) and lots of toys for RCMA kids (collected at our holiday party).

RCMA helps infants as young as 6 weeks old, and school-aged children in their charter school and after-school programs, where children receive the professional loving care and education that is so important for their future success.  It brings peace of mind to parents who leave their treasures in RCMA’s safe hands while they work to get ahead. 

The RPCVSF Board of Directors selected RCMA to receive the money and toys we collected, since many of the migrants temporarily lost their livelihoods when Mother Nature flooded out crops in the Immokalee area, making it difficult for the workers to buy Christmas gifts for their children.   Our sincere thanks (and those of RCMA) go to all RPCVs who made donations.

RPCVSF Participates in the AmazonSmile Program. To sign up and participate at no cost, please select Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida, Inc. as your charity when you visit http://smile.amazon.com. Donations from AmazonSmile now exceed $587.
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