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P O S T P O N E D - Safari in Namibia

  • 30 May 2020
  • 10 Jun 2020
  • Namibia

All safaris are postponed to a date indefinite.

Watch our website for a rescheduling.

A program of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida, Inc


Trip Leader Greg Zell (Nigeria)

Greg’s very BIG birthday party June 9 at Joe’s Beer House in Windhoek. 

Honorary Hostess: TUEY MURDOCK (Colombia)

May 30 (recommended) through June 10, 2020

Safari limited to 14 travelers with a payment schedule.

 The non-refundable deposit will be made as a group March 23, $500

Facilitator: Acacia Namibia.

This is a customized itinerary based on but shorter and more interesting than one used by Overseas Adventure Travel at an amazing price.

Note: The trip leader receives no compensation.

Highly Recommended Option:

Depart May 30; Arrive Johannesburg May 31 to recover from the long flight. Take a half day tour June 1 of city and Soweto Townships. Visit home of Nelson Mandela and see home of Desmond Tutu. Fly to Windhoek June 2.

Safari approximately $4000 including International air from MIA via ATL to Johannesburg and on to Windhoek, Namibia. You book airlines directly and can use frequent flyer miles. You will be guided in booking flights and hotel in Johannesburg. Single rooms are very scarce. Request a roommate.

Travel insurance is available with cancellation option at an absurdly high premium. (Travelex) Evacuation policy is available  (Emergency Assistance Plus $179 varies by age).

Notify Greg Zell at to book or for questions.

DEADLINE: Sunday March 22, 2020

You are required to take anti-malaria medication. Malarone is the suggested one with the least side effects. A generic version is available and covered by Obamacare. You will be guided through this. If you will not take anti-malaria medication, DO NOT BOOK THIS TRIP. The Malaria in Namibia is not deadly. It will only knock you out of commission for a week or so during which time you will wish you were dead.

PACK LIGHTLY: You are strictly limited to 44 pounds and must have a carry-on for medicines.

You will be given Peace Corps/CDC protocols on eating and drinking in Africa. Bottled water will be available when needed because the trip leader is in charge of water. Follow the protocols and you will not get sick from anything you eat or drink. Promise.

This is not a strenuous trip with little walking. If you have difficulty getting in or out of a safari vehicle, there are always large men of color around to assist you.

Other trip highlights:

  1. Initiation of Newbies (people who have never been to Africa) at Tribes Lounge in The Emperor’s Palace Casino complex.
  2. Dinner at Tribes Restaurant. The ostrich steak in berry sauce is not to be missed. Vegetarian note: It tastes like kale. 
  3. Climb a sand dune. Slide back down on your butt.
  4. Experience Darwinian theory at work in the seal rookery.
  5. Watch the sea create skeletons along the Skeleton Coast
  6. Sundowners: The sun sets in the west in Namibia. We toast it every night at no extra charge.
  7. 2 game drives in Etosha National Park, one of the largest in Africa.
  8. Desert adapted elephants and standard elephants.
  9. Cheetahs and at least one leopard at the Africat Foundation Conservancy.  

10.  See the remains of history: First Boer War, Second Boer War, WWI, WWII,   

       South African political revolution of 1948, End of Apartheid, Independence. 

11.  Desert critter expedition. An eye-popper.

12.  A tower of giraffes; a crash of rhinos; a bloat of hippos; a pack of painted dogs

        (with luck); a pride of lions (vegetarian tolerant); antelopes you never heard of.

13.  Mountain and lowland zebras. (Zebra rhymes with Debra.)

14. 3 of the prettiest cities in Africa: Windhoek, Walvis Bay; Swakopmund.

15. Ubiquitous warthogs and Guinea fowl. Are those real pork shops and chicken     

       stew on the dinner buffet? Vegetarian alert: They taste like kale.

16. Brangelina birthing hospital. TWINS!

17. A major Peace Corps country.


Note: Food and drink included where indicated. Food, drink, hotel in Johannesburg not included; Food, drink in Windhoek not included.

This is not a fund raiser. No organization funds are involved.

ZAR=Zuid Afrika Rand

Approximately $1 US=15 ZAR=$15Nab

Rates change daily. Your charge card always gives the best rate.

The US dollar is VERY strong against these currencies at this time.

FIRST NIGHT HOTEL: After booking flights, go on line to Metcourt Emperors Palace to book a room for June 1. If you are doing the optional half day city tour, book 2 nights May 31 and June 1 at around $100 US per night. The tour will be the next morning, cost depending on the number of sightseers. The hotel is about 5 minutes walk from the airport. We do not walk anywhere in Johannesburg. There is an airport shuttle. The hotel has a razor wire fence around it and armed guards. It is part of a huge casino complex holding plenty of money amid very poor neighbors.

Price Namibia Land Package 

28500 ZAR=$1900 US

Single Supplement 5540 ZAR=$363 US

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