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Happy Hour

  • 08 Jun 2018
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Boteco -916 NE 79th Street Miami, Fl 33138

A bit of Brazil in the heart of Miami

The term "Boteco" originates from the Portuguese word "Botica" and the Spanish word "Bodega"; both words come from the Greek word for wahrehouse - "apoth├ęke. "In Brazil, a "boteco" is a hang out spot for night-life lovers. When you go to a "boteco" you are essentially looking for a very cold beer, mouth-watering appetizers, a pleasant atmosphere, and, of course, a moment of relaxation with family and friends. "Botecos" are not exclusive to Brazil, but they certainly go well with the tropical climate. A "Boteco" can also be defined as the bar just around the corner... the neighborhood bar... the happy-hour bar... the grab-a-beer bar... the get-together-with-the-buddies bar... A "boteco" is not supposed to be fancy or at a hype-chic street or neighborhood; a "Boteco" is this low-key spot that everybody just knows is there. "Boteco" is a guaranteed feel good kind of place. Parking is not a hassle and a team of friendly, streess-free waiters will always be there for you, to help you unwind.
That cold beer you crave for at the end of the day, our famous Brazilian "Caipirinha," the super tasty "Rumpsteak on the Grill" and our fantastic Brazilian pastries are waiting for you.
Are you ready for the ultimate "Boteco" experience? You will get hooked, we promise...


916 NE 79th Street Miami,
Fl 33138 - Ph.: 305.757-7735
Open everyday from 12:00 PM Until late

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