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RPCVSF Goes to Namibia

  • 20 Aug 2016
  • Namibia


  • Date to be in late Summer 2015

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Zell Group Ultimate Namibia Safari - 02-03-16.pdf

Why Namibia?    Safari: late summer, 2016

  1. World’s largest sand dunes
  2. World’s oldest desert. (Great Namib)
  3. World’s coldest current (Benguela)
  4. World’s largest free roaming herds of black rhinoceros  (Not really black, dark gray)
  5. World’s largest number of free roaming cheetahs
  6. 3 prettiest cities in Africa (Windhoek; Walvis Bay; Swakopmund) The cities of Africa are NOT pretty
  7. World’s smallest species of penguin
  8. Best beer in Africa (A Dutch and German creation)
  9. All that fine South African wine. (El Cheapo is $12 a bottle; the good stuff: $16)
  10.  Sundowners, an African tradition  (The sun sets in the west of Namibia, a good reason to toast)
  11.  The BIG 5: Cape buffalo (Do not call them water buffalo, an Asian animal); Elephant; Lion; Leopard; Rhinoceros
  12.  Jackals and hyenas and zebras and giraffes on top of everything else
  13.  Some white rhinoceros (Not really white, dark gray. White, a corruption of the Afrikaans word for “wide” to describe the mouth)
  14.  More antelope varieties than you can imagine
  15.  Joe’s Beer Hall: think Shorty’s Bar Be Que with elegance
  16.  The Skeleton Coast: We fly over 500 years of ship skeletons
  17.  The Skeleton Coast: We drive along the coast to see new skeletons being created on the rocks
  18.  Death by Chocolate, an ice cream bar only available in Africa
  19.  Living history: insight into the Boer Wars and WWI in Africa just a hundred years ago
  20.  World’s largest seal rookery
  21.  Etosha National Park, oldest in Namibia; one of the largest in Africa
  22.  Forts and churches built by the settlers to tame Africa
  23.  Ostrich steak, farm raised, of course, for tenderness
  24.  Herero women wearing traditional clothing their memory says settlers wore; very hostile to cameras till paid $10 Namibian=$1 US
  25.  Himba women wearing mud and not much else; they delight to embrace clean tourists leaving a head-to-toe smelly mudprint
  26.  Conservancy areas for big cats and rhinos
  27.  Oysters, the largest I have ever seen
  28.  Marabou, world’s largest stork
  29.  Wild dog, reintroduced into Etosha National Park, a distant relative to the domestic dog
  30.  A major Peace Corps country
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