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Photo Submission Guidelines


What kind of pictures are we looking for? We want photos that show Peace Corps countries in a positive, truthful light: we are proud of the people and countries where we have served, and we share that pride through this calendar. We like images of city life as well as village and rural scenes. We like people in action: working, relaxing, enjoying everyday life, and/or celebrating special occasions. Humor is appreciated. Landscapes or photos with architectural or other detail—handiwork, food, etc.—add interest. When selecting images to submit, keep in mind the need for “month-long” appeal. And since many teachers use this calendar as a teaching tool, it’s good to keep students and their interests in mind as well.

Note that we can NOT accept any photo that has a Peace Corps Volunteer in the photo.


Finally, anyone may submit photos; Peace Corps service is not a requirement!

Submission Criteria

  1.   To be eligible for consideration, submitted photographs must be high-quality digital images (5.0 MP or higher) with realistic color. Other formats (prints, mounted, black & white) are not eligible.

  2.   Photographs must be from a country where Peace Corps Volunteers have served (past or present).

  3.   Photos showing a Peace Corps Volunteer are not eligible.

  4.   A photographer may submit a maximum of five (5) pictures per year.

  5.   A photo submitted three (3) times, but not selected, is no longer eligible.

  6.   Basic requirements for technical quality include clear focus, realistic color, and good overall contrast.

  7.   The photographer’s name and the country where the photo was taken must appear in the digital file name, and the image must be saved as a JPEG. Use the following naming convention:     [country+entry#.photographername.jpg]    Examples: morocco4.mcousins.jpg;   fiji2.vross.jpg

  8.   A scan of the signed Photo Release Form and a Photo Submission Form—with photographer and photo information filled in—must accompany all photos (forms attached).

  9.  Digital files and the scanned Photo Submission and Photo Release forms must be submitted online by Feb. 15th to:

10.  To qualify as a large, featured photograph, digital images must be taken at high resolution on a 5-megapixel or higher camera. Lower resolution digital images may be submitted, but may be considered for inset images only.

11.   Submitted photographs will become part of the Madison RPCVs calendar image library for possible use in calendar and related projects. Photographers will be credited with every use.

12.   Submissions must be received by February 15th. Later submissions will be held for the next year.

13.  You must be the holder of the copyright of any photo(s) you submit.

14.   Photos will be reviewed in late spring and final decisions made in late summer, a year or more in advance of publication. We will contact you as soon as a decision to use your photo is made. No notification will be sent to those whose pictures are not selected.

We are grateful to photographers who take the time to submit pictures. Each person who submits a photo (or photos) for consideration will receive a complimentary calendar in September. Those whose photos are selected for featured images will receive 25 calendars, and those whose photos are used for smaller insets will receive 5 calendars. If an image is used as a notecard, the photographer will receive 10 that notecard set. 

Questions? Email our Photo Coordinator at

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